Tech skills wanted

In Depth Reporting, journalist Mark Schaver breaks down the technical skills needed by today’s journalists.

Serena Carpenter, who is an assistant professor at Arizona State’s journalism school, completed a content analysis. She viewed 664 ads on and recorded the skills most sought after by online news media organizations.

HTML/CSS was the top preferred expertise followed by content posting and image editing. Blogging and video editing were next while social media was almost halfway down the list. The fact that social media wasn’t one of the top skills is surprising to me. It seems like job and internship employers always want potential employees to be knowledgeable about social networking. Also, it seems like a requirement for convergent journalists.

I’m also surprised that HTML/CSS was the top choice, especially because I don’t feel that I know enough about that. Some skills that I thought should be higher on the list are search engine optimization and slide show editing. Headlines written with SEO have the ability to attract more readers and more users. Slide show editing was second to last. I think that should be a more valuable skill than say animation.

The data is from 2008 so many things on the list may be higher currently. It would be interesting to see what skills were considered the most valuable and compare them to the most valuable one’s today.


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