Reviving blogs

In a post on John Welsh’s blog, “These Digital Times,” he provides five steps to reviving your blog. His post comes after a few months of blog neglecting towards the end of 2009. Even though he didn’t blog for a few months, his older posts still brought a steady flow of traffic to the site. People found the blog through links.

Here are his steps:
– Don’t obsess over traffic. He said, “I was like a junky after launching a post, slipping into my blog’s dashboard again and again to see how it was doing…Daily or weekly visits are not a true sign of the interest in any one post.”
-Blogs can be forgiving. As Welsh found out, people still may stumble across your blog or visit it from links even if you take a break from blogging. I think this really shows the importance of linking.
-Be prepared. He said that he works on content for his blog in advance so he always has something ready to post.
– Re-visit the posts that have gained the most traffic. By doing so, bloggers can see what readers enjoy about their blog. And if the posts are older and becoming outdated, bloggers can revamp them with new information.
-Compete with yourself, not others. I think this step is a little hard to grasp since the world of journalism is filled with competition. But I get it. I think his point is to start small and make reachable goals.


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