Social media slow down

As the semester comes to an end, I think we could all use a little stress relief. That’s why I liked a blog post by Gary Goldhammer that is all about ways to slow down when social media seems to be speeding up.

Here are some of the ways that he suggests:

-Don’t just get your news electronically–read newspapers. I think this is one that I don’t do as often as I would like. Yes, I keep up with the Central Florida Future, but beyond that I get my news from TV or the Web.

-“E-mail is not a medium designed for urgency,” Goldhammer said. I don’t have e-mail on my phone since I know I would be checking it constantly. I think it will be good to have in the future, but for now I can wait until I get to a computer to check my e-mail.

-Write something longer than a Tweet or blog post just for fun. Come back to it after a few days and edit it. This is something I never do. It’s the same with reading novels. As a literature minor, if I’m reading, it’s for school. I’m looking forward to a time when I can write and read just for sheer enjoyment.

-“Most of all, don’t believe blindly in the future,” he said. He said to trust that your past experiences will contribute to and shape your future. I think this is important for those of us who are about to graduate. Although we may not have much experience yet, we have to be proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and to trust that the experience we do have will get us through.


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